Alpaca Edits is the louder, funkier little brother of Llama Farm Recordings. We love disco, funk, and boogie. Our aim is make what we like in the headphones come out the big speakers! Or in other words, camelid-derived musical reconstructions.

We make and release other peoples’ edits, versions and remixes of hidden gems, classics, and originals.
To date we have brought you cuts from: Dr Packer, Casual Connection, JSquared, Peza, Wonkar, Fabiolous Barker, Mr Absolutt, Rafael Fernandez, 80s Child, Chuggin Edits, Stephen Richards, Bad Barbie Vs Evil Smarty, Deelicious, Goldboy, Fingerman, Patawawa, Javi Frias, Nicko Marinelli, Pete Le Freq, Charlie Brown Superstar, Alfa Flite, REz, That Needs An Edit, Situation, Sould Out, RockNRolla Soundsystem and C Da Afro.

We hold residencies in  York  , have played at festivals such as Beathherder where we  hold it down, keep the floors moving and road-test new material.

Our tracks are available the world over in every digital store, and to stream on Spotify and others.


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We Make What We Like in the Headphones Come out the Big Speakers

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